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Címlap Technics

Technical specifications:

  • Current demand: 380 V and minimum 3x16 A or 220 V min.25 A
  • Light: min. 12 lamps (4 colours)
  • Acoustic / Audio: min. 2x4000 W (stereo) PA
  • Mixer: min. 24 channels / 2 monitor way and 2 effect channels (reverb, delay)
  • Noise gate, limiter, equaliser, CD player
  • Drums: 8 microphones (3 condensator, 5 dynamical), 8 stand
  • Keyboards: 2 line outputs DI-box
  • Bass guitar amp: 1 microphone (or 1 line output), 1 stand
  • Guitar amps: 2 microphone, 2 stands
  • Vocal: 5 microphones, 5 stands
  • Size of the stage: min. 0.4 x 3 x 5m


The set-up of the band:

Drum, 2 guitars, bass guitar, 2 keyboard instruments, 5 vocals.
We have our own light- and audio technics suitable for an approximately 500 men club. It may be extended in case of a larger room or open-air show.
Based on previous agreement we accept local technics as well but we insist on our own musical instruments and amplifiers.
Our technical staff (3 men) needs smooth entrance to the stage at least 4 hours before the show begins in order to solve precise installation in time.
We need at least 1 technician at the place of the concert to ensure electricity.
During installation and sound check the audience should not be in the place of the concert if it is possible. During the concert only stage light and emergency light should be on.
We require 1 or - as there are also ladies in the band - 2 lockup changing-rooms with mirror, toilet and preferably shower for the band and staff.  No alcoholic drinks are required in the rooms.
After the end of the concert we need at least 2 hours to dismantle the technics - we prefer to work unhindered but need appropriate lighting and a wash afterwards.